Whatever Follows

dogwood on LakeviewWhatever might follow in the weeks ahead I have to say this has been one beautiful season, and in spite of the usual vacillations. Temperatures hit the mid-80s one day and four days later we came close enough to a hard frost that a baby maple I see every day took a nasty fright and went instantly crimson. Now as I write, a big wind is muscling around outside,  giving even the grass blades a stern combing-back.

I sometimes hear westerners say our old New England is just all damp and claustrophobic with lowering skies and too-near horizons.  I don’t see it that way. 

Anyhow it’s sure not that way now on these bright tangy days that have us all feeling happy and energized as we kick through the leaves and set out those jolly toy balloons that the world calls pumpkins. My own personal housemate got to feeling so energized last weekend that he climbed out on two of our roofs to prune the limbs of trees that in actual fact didn’t need pruning at all (but that’s just me.) I watched with my heart in my mouth as he executed one deep squat after another while balancing inches from roof’s edge and then extending to its farthest reach a 12-food pole with a lethal sickle on the end and – SNAP!  pulling the trigger. Here he is first contemplating the job…

dpm contemplating the job

And beginning to execute it…

dpm up hi to prune

I sent our visiting houseguest Machias out to spot him in case he started to pitch forward and fall. (Machias is six-foot-nine with a rower’s mighty legs so I thought he could maybe execute a rescue.)

machias spots him





But “I’M FINE!” insisted  my mate –

and by some stroke of luck he turned out to BE fine as this triumphant look testifies.

smilin' Dave on the roof w machias

Myself, I attempted no such feats of strength and balance that day. I just walked a few miles, set out some seasonal decorations and reveled in all this beauty.

Here was the sun that day, glowing still strong at 5pm, behind one of our front porch columns….

the porch oct 5pm

Then at the top here was the sun only moments later in the side yard, filtered through our little dogwood…

And finally, out back, here was the sun setting our neighbors’ tree even further aflame.

the neighbor's maple.jpg

All this was on the Saturday. Then, on the Sunday, we had the privilege of attending the wedding celebration of a couple who, together with their families, threw one amazing party.

the wedding of alli & angela.jpg

It took place on a hillside farm with 180 guests on hand to enjoy popcorn and cider, adult beverages of every kind and food that never stopped coming.

in the barn

Best of all, the two brides helped make the music. Bride Alli, from all I can tell, plays every instrument on God’s green earth and her band was playing; whereas Bride Angela, by her own admission not a trained singer, took the mic and spoke of the meaning this one particular song has for them both.  Then, at first softly, and then in full and glorious voice, performed “Hallelujah,”  by the late Leonard Cohen.

Here’s my favorite recording of this wonderful song, that today seems to me to capture all the beauty and longing of earth’s seasons, and even of our own too-short lives.

11 thoughts on “Whatever Follows

  1. “jolly toy balloons that the world calls pumpkins” one of your best! As for David’s foolishness denial of being 70 plus years was a substitute for “Able to leap tall buildings”. Instead, is still able to climb tall buildings and lean over the edge… David isn’t alone in this denial, most men 70 plus that my Kathy X-rays in the emergency room, have a roof story to opine about. Gravity is for pulling leaves out of trees not senior flyers.
    Terry, you proved in this blog, your ability to write creatively isn’t showing any grey hairs. Instead, young follicles.

  2. Even Leonard Cohen said that K.D. Lang sang his song the best…now it’s cold and the freeze warnings are out, time to enjoy the changing seasons in New England.

  3. Wonderful post and if you haven’t heard her sing it (or even if you have) listen to k.d. lang sing Hallelujah at the end – (just click on it) – it is absolutely fabulous. xoxoxo

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  4. Your Fall sounds and looks better than our Fall, and we had that big-time tumble in temperatures too – Mother Nature is such a tease. This was a long post – hope you have recuperated fully Terry.

  5. gorgeous, gorgeous writing my friend!! I declare it Prize Winning!! Not sure what prize we are referring to, but this just crushed the competition!! So glad you are finally feeling better! And that was just a beautiful version of the song!

  6. Beautiful fall shots! Something about fall in New England, the colors are just so beautiful, and the mood it sets is amazing! And of course you can never go wrong with KD Lang’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Halleluiah! There must be hundreds of covers of that song, if not thousands now of it out there, making Mr. Cohen totally immortalized by that one song alone! What a great song to sing at a wedding (or was it a reception?) either way, it is so powerful!

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